What Galenco stands for

Laboratoires Galenco® is a 100% Belgian laboratory, specialised in developing ultra-gentle hygiene and skin care products for babies.

Galenco ® Baby offers the most gentle and safe products for protecting and nourishing your baby’s skin. All the formulas have been tested in the strictest of conditions and meet the highest quality standards.


The gentle choice for your baby’s skin

As a mother, you want only the very best for your precious little one and don’t want to leave anything to chance, especially not when it comes to their skin. When bathing and caring for your baby you want to know that their delicate skin will be protected and stay healthy. That’s why you want to be able to count on the most gentle baby hygiene and skin care products.

With Galenco® baby you choose ultra-gentle ingredients, of which on average 80% are of natural origin. All formulas are pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested. Hence, it is the preference of maternity hospitals in Belgium*.

* 2019: +/- 30 000 babysets in maternity hospitals in Belgium

Developed in collaboration with dermatologists and paediatricians

Galenco® baby is committed to working closely with dermatologists and pediatricians in the development of its products. After all, they know best what is good for the fragile baby skin. For example, all products are adjusted to the natural pH value of the skin, so that the skin is optimally protected and cared for.

N°1 in maternity hospitals

Galenco® Baby is the N°1 range of baby skin care products used in Belgian maternity hospitals.  Babies in these maternity hospitals are cared for with Galenco® Baby products.  We also regularly provide introduction sets with these products. Only the best will do for your baby, and hospitals understand this.

Ultra-gentle hygiene and skin care formulas

* Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis