NEW: interactive Galenco Baby app

Try the new interactive Galenco Baby app & Have fun with Lou and Louise!

With the new free Galenco app, you can let your toddler enjoy the fun adventures of Lou and Louise in the bathroom. The app has a bathroom theme with a number of elements like the bath, a baby bath cushion and the bathroom washbasin. All the animations fit in with how infants perceive the world and are very familiar to them. The app is also very intuitive and aimed specifically at experiences: if the toddler taps on or swipes an object, an animation of Lou and Louise appears or their voices are heard.

The first animation is included when you download the app. Then, when you scan the Galenco Baby Bath Oil, Cleansing Lotion, Cleansing Baby Milk, Body lotion or Diaper Cream labels, new parts of the app become available. Each product can only be scanned once, but the app environment will be available permanently.

The Galenco Baby app is free to download from the App store.